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Coping with the Emerging Energy Demand for Charging Plug-in Electric Vehicles

Author: Gregorio Cappuccino
Co-Author: Dr. Francesco Antonio Amoroso

In this hands-on project, student teams will be engaged to cope with the very hot real-world problem arising from the increasing demand for charging Plug-in Electric Vehicles from the electrical energy distribution grid. By means of MATLAB simulations, each team will analyze the effect of multiple quasi-contemporary charging requests on the electrical grid, hence discovering how, as the number of users to be charged increases, either the grid collapses or the user requests may not be entirely fulfilled. The class will discover how smart energy dispatching strategies and smart battery charging methods may mitigate or completely overcome the discussed problems. The class will also be asked to reflect on how the traditional “dumb” grid infrastructure should be modified to allow each proposed solution to be really implemented, finding out the necessity of developing a smart grid capable of interacting with vehicles.

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