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Dr. Gregorio Cappuccino

Born in 1967, he received the Laurea Degree (Magna cum Laude) in Computer Science Engineering from the University of Calabria (UNICAL), Italy, in 1992 and the Ph.D. degree in Electronics from the Politecnico of Turin (Italy), in 1998.

In 1993, he joined the Electronic Components and Electromagnetism Institute of National Council of Research (IRECE-CNR, now IMM-CNR).

In 1998 he joined the Department of Computer Science, Electronics and Systems (DEIS) at UNICAL as Research Assistant.

He is currently Associate Professor of Electronics, Faculty of Engineering, at UNICAL. He is in charge of teaching “Analog Electronics II”, “Analog Electronic Design”,"Electronic Technologies and circuit techniques"for the laurea degree in Electronic Engineering.

He is the CEO of CalBatt,a spin-off company of UNICAL specialized in high efficiency battery chargers for energy storage systems and electric vehicles.

His research activities include analog electronics, embedded system design and high speed interconnects. He is currently working on energy storage systems related to Smart Grids and Electric Vehicles.

Dr. Cappuccino has been selected as the recipient of the University of Calabria Young Researchers Award for 1999 and University of Calabria Learning Enhancement Project Award in 1999.

IEEE senior member since 2008, he serves as regular reviewer for several international journals as Proceedings of the IEEE, IET Circuits, Devices & Systems, Information Sciences, Circuit Theory and Applications and conferences.

He served as chair of several IEEE conferences.

Since 2006 he is Associate Editor for “Journal of Circuits, Systems and Computers” a World Scientific Publishing Company Journal and since 2012 is Associate Editor for the Journal of Low Power Electronics and Applications.

He is a member of the IEEE Technical Committee on Analog and Signal Processing and member of the Advisory Board of IEEE Transportation Electrification Initiative

Organization:University of Calabria
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